Who We Are

"We are a group of women, supporting ourselves and each other to be the best we can be."

N. Denecker

"SFT is an opportunity for heart connection, because of delicious women who are open and willing to be their authentic selves." - BC Walking

Tribe Video   (3 minutes)

Who We Are

We are a Sisterhood, a Community of Women from across the globe
who have become a family.

Once, each of us was searching, searching for friendship with like-minded women, searching for a community to belong too, searching for connection and a way to change our lives. 


Then we found Our Sacred Feminine Community.

Our Sacred Feminine Community offers you and everyone of us the opportunity to connect with a community of women, each of us with our own passions, desires & wants, where we can come together, so as to empower ourselves and each other through the love, help and support of each other.

We do this by creating Free Community Events, Social Outings, Classes, Courses, Webinars, Retreats and for those of us who have specific interests, we create our Tribes. 


Each and every Tribe is based on a different passion and women with similar interests from around the globe are welcome to join that Tribe, where we share, where we laugh, where we connect and where we become family.

Why Not Join Us!

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