Notice Board

Would you like to help us in our Mission of;

Touching The Lives Of Women Everywhere'?
Whether you have 5mins or 5hrs, sometimes it is assistance with the little things that really count. So if you would like to join our Tribe of Volunteers, please contact
 Jaqui Bishop on 0410 300 304
or connect with us through the Member's Chat below

Volunteer Required

Are You Able To Organise Social Events?

We are looking for someone who is able to organise regular social events for various Local Tribes.
From coffee catch ups, bush walks, dinners to day trips. Anything that women like to do.
Would also involve liaising with Local Tribe Host and creating the Facebook Event

Volunteer Required

Can You Help With Creating Emails?

If you love to write and create, we are needing someone to create our weekly Tribe Emails.
Mostly involves copying and pasting from content already supplied but also has space for your own original writing.

Volunteer Required

Would You Like To Be Our Preferred Partner Manager

Our Preferred Partners provide a variety of services for women all over the world and we are looking for someone to work with our Partners, to Manage and be a Mentor.
From connecting with women around the globe who provide services & introducing the program to them, to assisting them signing up & then interviewing them and promoting their services.

Volunteer Required

Connecting With Community Members

Are you a person who loves to reach out and connect with other women?
Would you like to make new friends from all over the world?
We are looking for someone who can help us Touch the Lives of Women Everywhere by connecting with other women in our Facebook Community.

Volunteer Required

Facebook Sharing 

Do you have 5 mins to spare to share our Events and Tribes on Facebook?
One of the easiest things we need help with is just sharing of our Events &  Tribes with your Friends and in Groups.

Volunteer Required

Are You A Wix Coder?

We are in need of some help in improving the functionality and look of our website and are looking for someone who knows Wix Code.

Volunteer Required

Are You Our Tribe Host Consultant?

With the number of our Tribes growing on a regular basis, we are needing someone who can connect with our Hosts, guide & support them in establishing their Tribe  and continue to work with them in the future.

Volunteer Required

Approving New Community Members

We are looking for someone who is able to approve our new Facebook Community Members and transfer details to a spreadsheet.

Volunteer Required

Would You Like to Help Organise A Expo?

The Sacred Feminine Community is planning on holding a Expo or Fair and is looking for someone who can be the overall organiser and with a team of women can bring together a fantastic expo that Touches the Lives of Many Women

Volunteer Required

Connecting With New Tribe Members

Sometimes our new Members are a little bit hesitant to join in with Tribes and their activities, so we are looking for a woman who can reach out, welcome New Members and support them so that they feel that they belong to their Other Family.

Volunteer Required

Do You Love Posting On Instagram?

We are looking for someone who would like to help us in our Mission by looking after our Instagram account

Volunteer Required

Do You Like To Chat Online?

With so many women in our community, we are looking for people who would like to Host community online events where women can connect & chat together.

Volunteer Required


We are in need of someone who
is able to design our marketing material including flyers and banners.

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