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Tribe Members Terms of Service

Last Updated: 15/06/2021

Please read this agreement carefully before becoming a Sacred Feminine Tribe Member or Host.

1. This Agreement

1.1 Sacred Feminine Touch via our Platform enables you and other members to participate in Sacred Feminine Tribes, to arrange both online & offline, real-world Sacred Feminine Tribes groups and Sacred Feminine Tribes events.

1.2 The terms “SFT,” "SFC," “we,” “us,” and “our” include Sacred Feminine Tribes, Sacred Feminine Touch, Sacred Feminine Community, Our Sacred Feminine Community, Braley Mitchel Pty Ltd our corporate parent, Tribe Host, Preferred Partners, affiliates, and or subsidiaries. We use the terms “you” and “your” to mean any person using our Platform for whatever reason, and any organization or person using the Platform on an organization’s behalf.

1.3 We use the word “Platform” to mean any website, application, or service offered by Sacred Feminine Tribes, Sacred Feminine Touch, Our Sacred Feminine Community, Sacred Feminine Community and Braley Mitchel Pty Ltd, including content we offer and electronic communications we send. We provide our Platform to you subject to these Terms of Service. We use the terms “Terms of Service” and “Agreement” interchangeably to mean this document together with our:

Tribe Host & Preferred Partners Terms of Service,
Tribe Host Best Practice Agreement,
Preferred Partners Best Practice Agreement

Event Collaboration Agreement

1.4 Your use of the Platform signifies that you agree to this Agreement. If you are using the Platform for an organization, you agree to this Agreement on behalf of that organization, and represent you have authority to bind that organization to the terms contained in this Agreement. If you do not or are unable to agree to this Agreement, then do not use our Platform.

1.5 These Terms of Service are an agreement between you and SFT and not between you and any other member.

1.6 We may choose to modify this Agreement from time to time. If we do, we will provide notice to you by publishing the most current version and revising the date at the top of this page. By continuing to use the Platform after any changes come into effect, you agree to the revised Agreement. If you do not wish to accept the revised Agreement, you can close your account.


2. Your Membership

2.1 Our Platform is available to anyone who is at least 18 years or older. You represent that you are at least 18 years old.

2.2 We may modify, suspend, or terminate your account or access to the Platform if, in our sole discretion, we determine that you have violated this Agreement, including any of the policies or guidelines that are part of this Agreement, that it is in the best interest of the SFT community, or to protect our brand or Platform. If this occurs, we will notify you of the reasons for the modification, suspension, or termination.

2.3 When you register with us, you provide us with some basic information, including an email address and a password. You agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of your password (or else we may need to disable your account). You alone are responsible for anything that happens from your failure to maintain the security and confidentiality of your password, such as by sharing your account credentials with others.

2.4. Subject to your compliance with this Agreement, SFT grants you a limited, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable right to use the Platform in order to access and use the services and features that we make available to you.

3. Payments

3.1 Use of some of the features on our Platform are free, and we charge fees for several other features. We may in the future also implement a new fee, or modify an existing fee, for certain current or future features of our Platform.

3.2 If we implement a new or modified fee, we will give you notice in advance such as by posting changes on our Platform or sending you an email. You agree to pay those fees and any associated taxes for your continued use of the applicable service.

3.3 Unless otherwise stated, all fees and all transactions are in Australian Dollars. Membership subscriptions are non-transferable.

3.4 A 30-day Trial Period is offered to any new membership subscription. Members may cancel with a full refund of their subscription within 30 days after signing up to our Platform.

3.5 Tribe members are responsible for paying subscription and any other applicable fees to SFT on time and through our approved payment methods. Tribe members who allow their subscription to lapse are subject to removal.

3.6 We will automatically bill you for each renewal period until cancellation.

4. Your Content

Our Platform allows you to create Tribes on our website and post, link, store, share and otherwise make available certain information, text, graphics, videos, or other material ("Content").

4.1 You agree that as much as you may have created the Tribe and Host the Tribe, it has been created using our Platform and involving our Tribe members and as such the Tribes remain the sole property of SFT.

4.2 You are responsible for the content that you post to the Platform or otherwise provide to SFT. Examples of your content include: Photos, feedback, suggestions, and other communications that you send or direct to SFT.

4.3 By being responsible for your content, you agree, among other things, that you have all the permissions, rights, and licenses needed (including under copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, privacy rights, or publicity rights) to provide the content to the Platform and to SFT;

4.4 You agree that your content does not include personal, private or confidential information belonging to others; and your content does not otherwise violate the rights of any individual or entity.

4.5 You also agree that you and your content comply with this Agreement.

4.6 At no time do we claim ownership of your content. However, to allow us to promote, improve, operate and protect SFT, our Platform and our Tribes , and to ensure we do not violate any rights you may have in your content, you hereby grant SFT a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable right and license (including a waiver of any moral rights) to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, publish, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, and create derivative works of, your content that has been used in the Tribe and to commercialize and exploit the publicity, copyright, trademark and database rights you have in your content.

4.7 This license would permit your content to remain on our Platform, even after you cease to be a member of SFT.

4.8 This license does not give us ownership of any of your content.

4.9 This licence does not give us the right to recreate your business out side of SFT

4.10 This license simply gives us and our members the right to use your content to continue operating the Tribe as we see fit should you no longer be the Host of that Tribe.

4.11 This license continues even if you close your account, as this license is necessary for us to be able to operate our Platform.

5. Your Use of Our Platform

5.1 SFT does not control the content of other members. When we become aware of inappropriate content on our Platform, we reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action, but we do not have any obligation to monitor, nor do we take responsibility for, the content of other members.

5.2 SFT is not a party to any online or offline arrangements made through our Platform. SFT does not conduct or require background checks on members and does not attempt to verify the truth or accuracy of statements made by members. SFT makes no representations or warranties concerning the conduct or content of any members or their interactions with you.

5.3 If you have a concern regarding other members, you can report it to

6. Your Use of Our Members Forum & Chat

6.1 You agree that when using the SFT Members Forum and Chat (including websites and mobile apps), that they will only be used for interactions, conversations & engagements relating to the Tribes you are a Member of and will not be used for engaging any Members outside of the Tribes you belong to or the Tribe Group Chats.

6.2 You agree not to solicit any Member of SFT, outside of your Tribe, for the purposes of personal communications, unsolicited communications judged to be spam, promotion or advertising of yours or another's businesses, products, services, events or to use the services in a way that violates the rights of other individuals or laws.

6.3 Any Member found to be violating our Forum & Chat conditions may be removed as a member.

7. Release

7.1 To the full extent permitted by applicable law, you agree not to hold us responsible for anything that happens related to transactions with third parties, member interactions, or in connection with Sacred Feminine Tribes groups or Sacred Feminine Tribes events. You also agree not to hold Sacred Feminine Tribes, Sacred Feminine Tribe Host, Sacred Feminine Touch, Sacred Feminine Community, Our Sacred Feminine Community, Braley Mitchel Pty Ltd, our affiliates, and or subsidiaries responsible for their negligence in connection with their content.

7.2 To the full extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to release us and our officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, consultants, corporate parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, sponsors, and other third-party partners (“Sacred Feminine Tribes Parties”) from claims, demands, and damages (direct and consequential) (“Claims”), arising out of or in any way connected with any transaction with a third party, your interactions with other members, or in connection with a Sacred Feminine Tribes group or a Sacred Feminine Tribes event.

7.3 You also agree, to the full extent permitted by applicable law, to release SFT from Claims based on a tribe or event organizer’s negligence arising out of or in any way connected with their content, a SFT group, or a Sacred Feminine Tribes events. The law in some countries and states does not allow the release, so these limits may not apply to you. You waive and relinquish all rights and benefits that you have or may have or any similar provision of statutory or non-statutory law of any other jurisdiction to the fullest extent permitted by law.

7.4 You acknowledge that some Sacred Feminine Tribes events carry inherent dangers, such as the risk of illness, bodily injury, disability, or death. By participating in these events, you understand and agree that you have freely chosen to assume these risks.

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