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Tribe  Host Best Practices Agreement

  Last updated: 15/06/2021


Please note that this “Agreement” interchangeably to mean this document together with our:

Tribe Member Terms of Service,

Tribe Host & Preferred Partners Terms of Service,

Preferred Partners Best Practice Agreement

Event Collaboration Agreement
Your use of the Platform as a Tribe Host signifies that you agree to this Agreement.


Sacred Feminine Tribes thrive when we all show up to do what we love — together. 


We believe that any woman who joins the Global Sacred Feminine Community deserves to feel welcomed, respected and excited to connect with other women, whether in person or through social media.


Here are the five key tenets of our community on social media:


  • Be real. Act as you would act in real life: with integrity and authenticity.

  • Be impactful. Contribute to the discussion, and respect everyone’s time. What would you say if you were talking in person?

  • Be spirited. Show up with an openness and acceptance of diverse perspectives.

  • Be thoughtful. Challenge ideas, not people.

1. What You Agree To:


1.1 Tribe members can only be added to your Tribe by Admin after they have initially filled out theJoin The Tribe Form on the Our Sacred Feminine Community Website.


1.2 Sacred Feminine Touch (SFT) encourages discussion and support amongst the members of the Tribes, however we do not promote ‘counselling*’ within Tribe meetings. (*counselling is defined as: ‘conversation or advice given between two people with other members present who are not being involved or included in the conversation.)


1.3 All hosts are welcome to include a link to their own website, Facebook page on their Tribe description page and we request that the Our Sacred Feminine Community website is also promoted on Host’s Website/Facebook Page.

1.4 Hosts agree to assist in the promotion of Our Sacred Feminine Community through sharing of the website throughout their social media platforms and contacts.

1.5 Tribe Hosts are requested to ‘turn on’ messenger notifications for their Tribe, the Host Tribe and currently from Sophia Alcina Soul. This is to ensure that you are aware of all relevant messages and receive notification as soon as a new member joins your Tribe.

1.6 Tribe Hosts agree to welcome their new Tribe Members within 24hrs (at a maximum) of receiving a message about someone joining.


1.7 SFT encourages hosts to facilitate discussions and engagement amongst the members of their Tribes. It is suggested that Special Interest Tribe Hosts personally participate by sharing and discussing value content within the Tribe Platform at a minimum of once per week. It is suggested that Four general posts per week is required for Local Tribe Hosts at a minimum. It is suggested that the "What’s On Schedule" to be shared daily.

1.8 Any Community Member who joins your Tribe Zoom Meetings (without becoming a paid Tribe Member) are welcome to participate for a maximum of 14 days or 2 monthly Tribe Meetings. If they choose not to join Our Sacred Feminine Community within this time, please do not allow them to continue, in fairness of other paid Members.

1.9 During any Tribe Meeting that is run as a Free Community Event,
(A Free Community Event is an event listed in Upcoming Events on our Platform and promoted to the public, rather than a closed Tribe meeting to your Tribe Members only)
it is suggested that all Hosts:

  • Promote the Essence (substance) of their Tribe,

  • Allow verbal Tribe Testimonials from Members, 

  • Promote Sacred Feminine Tribes in general and/or

  • Allow an SFT representative to promote the Sacred Feminine Tribes platform.

  • Promotion of personal business that is in relation to the essence of the Tribe is also welcomed, however, cross email promotion must be mentioned to event guests. 

If you as a Host do not wish to promote both your Tribe and SFT at your Community Event, then that Tribe Meeting will be closed to Tribe Members only.

1.10 Tribe Hosts are requested to gain prior permission from Event Attendees before 'tagging' them in promotion of their Tribe or Business on Facebook or Instagram.

1.11 Tribe Hosts agree to only use the SFT ticketing system in any promotion of Tribe Events and or Free Community Events.

1.12 Tribe Host agree that any Services offered to any SFC Member and accepted must go through the SFT ticketing system and a 10% Service Fee paid to SFC.

1.13 Tribe Host agree that only SFC Members who are accepted as Preferred Partners are eligible to promote, advertise and sell their Events, Services, Classes, Courses or Product sales on the SFC Platform. (This does not include the Facebook Community Group)

2. What We Agree To:

2.1 Our Service allows you to create Tribes on our website and post, link, store, share and otherwise make available certain information, text, graphics, videos, or other material ("Content").

2.2 SFT will create a chat for your Tribe on Messenger and will add you as the Tribe Host to keep in touch with Tribe Members. 

2.3 An SFT Representative will remain in all Tribes on messenger without participating in discussion.  If SFT deems anything inappropriate including, but not limited to harassment, porn, political or religious promotion or slander etc, we may choose to remove the offending member or cancel the tribe.


2.4 SFT has two Zoom Rooms available for use by any tribe, at no cost. (pre-booking required). You are also welcome to use your own zoom room. All costs associated with your own zoom room will be your sole responsibility. However, you are requested to go live into our Facebook Community as a way of promoting your Tribe.

2.5 If you do not wish to have your Tribe Meeting broadcast live into the Facebook Community, then Hosts are encouraged to use messenger ‘Rooms’. The word ’Tribe’ must be used in the Title of the Room as well as in the link for your Tribe included in the description of all events.


2.6 Any events that require ticket sales are to be run through Preferred Partners Best Practices Agreement.


2.7 SFT retains the right to cancel any Tribe that is operating outside the principles of our Platform.

2.8 SFT will provide a
Host Library(continually being developed) containing videos and support material what will assist in hosting your Tribe.

2.9 SFT will assist in the promotion of Tribes using our resources. However, Tribe Hosts are encouraged to promote their Tribe through the Tribe Facebook page, Community Group, Newsletter, Instagram as well as through the Host’s own social community.

2.10 SFT will promote your Tribe Event on the daily ‘What’s On’ schedule as well in the Tribe Events Calendar. Please keep SFT informed on your meeting schedule.


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