Tribe Experience 

Our Wish For You

In todays global world it is often difficult to know who to trust, to know who is there for you and this is especially true for women.

Our wish for you is to experience all that Sacred Feminine Tribes (SFT) offers you, with no cost to you except your desire to be more then you are today.

We offer you the gift of being a Full Tribe Member, with free access to every part of SFT , where you can attend Events for free, join as many Tribes as you wish, meet and make numerous friends and delve into all the other possibilities SFT offers you.

And you can do this for 3 months free of charge (no credit card required) If at the end of the three months you choose to continue your journey with us, you can become a part of our Family for as little as $10 month AUD.

This offer is open to every single woman, regardless of race, creed or colour. 

Come and experience who we are, It may just change your life.

Welcome to your Other Family.

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