The Exercise



Thank you for requesting The Exercise.
This is a very powerful audio meditation that we know

can be life transforming.

At Sacred Feminine Tribes, we believe that each and every one of us,

has the desire to be more than who we currently are. 

The Exercise is your Journey, to meet your true self and to allow you to experience your greatest potential and to introduce you to who you really are.



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The Sacred Feminine Community is a global community of women whom you may never meet in person,

but may form a deep and meaningful relationship with.

Connecting with a new community can feel awkward and move us outside our comfort zone, especially if we feel alone. 


Sacred Feminine Tribes offers you a place where you feel welcomed and a valued, and where you will get to meet a wonderful group of like-minded women, make new friends, share information & special moments. 


We do hope your journey of The Exercise  & Sacred Feminine Tribes will be as deep and enlightening as possible.


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We look forward to meeting you one day soon.

With Love and Kindness

Sophia, Kim and the SFT Team 

  Its a Journey of Love  - Self Love  

Creating a Movement of Love, Connection and Growth


When I say “Tribe,” it’s really a group of women who agree to have your back and walk with you side by side through whatever you’re going through. Walking with you through the fire, walking with you to the achievements, really supporting your ideas and allowing you space to evolve into the person that you know you are meant to be.”

  - Lori Harder

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