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Our Sacred Community
Video Testimonials


Jacqueline Bishop – Blue Mountains 

Sacred Tribes and Community is the most loving and supportive community I have ever experienced. Being welcome here has changed my life’s journey in the most positive of ways. I am reminded every single time I join in on a group or am interacting with one of the beautiful souls that I am now friends with, that it is OK to be the unique being that each of us is. Not only is it ok it’s truly celebrated! People are so happy and free in sharing their skills and experiences to help each other grow. This community is like a garden for the soul, no matter how you arrive, after some time spent here, you find yourself blooming.


Shiarna Wentworth-Shields – Blackalls Park 

I just want to say thank you to all people who contribute so much of their time and energy into this SFT community.
I would like to make a special mention to Black Crow Walking for her special channelled meditations she does on a Wednesday evening. I am so grateful for all that she does for the collective and for me personally. Crow has a way of putting me back onto my spiritual path with every encounter I have of her. I went into her meditation tonight with a splitting migraine and by the end of it, it was completely healed, no more pain and I feel completely back in balance with myself and back on my path. If you haven’t tried one of Crows healings or meditations I highly recommend you give it a try, she has worked wonders and miracles in my life already. Thank you so very much. Love, Light & Blessings.

Nikki Denecker – Lake Macquarie 

There is so much to recommend about Sacred Tribes – it is a welcoming community of women, many of whom have become close and very dear friends. I also love the variety of what this community offers – I get to meet women who live in my immediate community, and meditate with others from all over the world. There is also a wide offering of events so I am now busier than ever. It’s a great mix of online connections and also real world catch ups. 

Lee Latu – Newcastle

Wow what a wonderful group of ladies who are truly loving and accepting. This is a place of belonging and support for all women. 

Black Crow Walking – Rathmines   ‘Our Sacred Tribes have created a community that works for me. There is a sisterhood that has stood together and created this special place to be me. To put forward our own particular interests and find like minded people who enjoy the same things. We can do it together. I now have a platform to offer my loving service through and enjoy the energies of others through fun, play and conversational adventure. It is not only my tribe but my family. I feel held, supported and heard in this sacred space.


Susi Daunton – Tweed Shire  

‘Sacred Tribes and Community have turned my life around! I now join the Sacred Mornings Tribe every morning at 5.30 for study and deep conversations and other wonderful groups throughout the day. It has brought music and learning from classes in crochet to psychic development and astrology to non-violent communication. I am grateful for the wonderful change in my life and for the beautiful women who have become my friends. I feel blessed to be part of this wonderful community.