Healing Swaps for Healers Tribe

As a healer enjoy the gift of receiving healing from another.

Enjoy different styles of healing in a 'swap' environment.


Healing Swaps for Healers Tribe

With so many gifted healers in our Community this Tribe is a place where we can also receive. It is an opportunity to experience different healing modalities to what we usually practice and offer to others.

This is a friendly Tribe where you can enjoy the full circle of giving and receiving. It is also where we can learn more about practices of healing we may not be familiar with.

We all deserve to truly receive.

Each member of the Tribe co-ordinates their own swap with other members of this Tribe in an honour based environment where all swaps are at the discretion and integrity of both healers.

Come and join us to share the love and the healing.


Nikki Denecker


+61 424 028 673