What if you truly being you, is the gift, the change, and the possibilities, this world requires...



Welcome to the "Being You!" Tribe with Sarah Be

I have such gratitude for the individuals who are willing to choose more, be more, and have more of themselves in every moment....

It is one courageous journey!

How much fun could it be if we all do this together!

Lets celebrate our wins, successes and ask questions here to really empower each other to be the brilliance and the difference we truly be in the world.

What if our Wrongness really is our Strongness?

So where do we begin? May be lets ask this?

What have you Interpreted "Being You" as?

Have you defined you maybe as your story?

Have you defined you as what everyone else wants you to be?

Have you just defined you as just "so wrong" because you are just so different from everyone else?

Are you outright refusing to even know who you are?

Do you have so much pain and anguish you hate being You?

Would you rather die than ever seek the possibility of being you?

Are you refusing to have any definition of you??

(I have experienced all of these above and more...SB:)

What if the last one is possibly closer to what may be true for you BEING YOU than you may know...

What if you are Undefinable?

What would truly being... be like for you?

How much fun could you have if no one could box you anymore into their judgements?

What if you really could be in choice all the time and not control?

What if you could live in this world with Infinite Possibilities for every choice...

How much Joy Fun and Happiness could you have then?

What difference would you then be to this world that you have not acknowledged?

I'm so excited to be on this journey with you... Who will be all be?

Welcome to the Adventure of YOU being YOU!


Sarah Be


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