Sacred Conversations

Deep Conversations about Spirituality & Philosophy that can change your life

Sacred Conversations

Sacred Conversations

Have you craved to be connected with others and have deep conversations about life, spirituality and philosophy.

Do you enjoy learning about yourself and sharing your insights with others.

Do you value the wisdom that others have and want to tap into that.

If so then this is the tribe for you.

We value deep conversations, that are real and raw.

We look at various texts, books, spirituality and philosophy.
We discuss the big questions like:-
Who am I
Why am I here.
What is my purpose.
What is the meaning of life.
How can I improve my thinking, therefore improve what I experience.
What is God / The Universe / Source / Divinity.
What is Manifestation and can i do it.

These and many more questions are pondered and discussed, We learn new practices and observe our own transformation

Sophia Soul