Personal Sacred Feminine Massage

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Personal Sacred Feminine Massage

A Sacred Feminine Massage is an ancient, intimate massage performed between two women, one woman giving and other woman receiving. Unlike a normal massage, the purpose of the Sacred Feminine Massage is for women to reconnect with their sensual and intimate bodies whilst exploring, finding and releasing possible past trauma.

This is done over a period of an hour which includes breathwork, sound healing, sensual massage concentrated on the intimate parts of the body, possibly including the yoni (Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word for vagina)

This can be a very healing and life changing experience for all women especially those who have suffered past sexual and emotional trauma.

Because this approach and technique is all about one woman giving to the other woman from a space of love, this allows both women to feel loved, cherished, worshiped, and honoured

Sophia Soul
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Appointments are available Tuesday to Sunday

10am - 6pm
Please contact me by phone or email to arrange appointments.

1 Hour
$ 100


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