Personal Breath Work

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Personal Breath Work

Breath Work sessions involves a foundation of gentle, connected breathing that allows your body to completely relax, thereby releasing pain and traumatic memories. This breathing method is for people who really want a big shift in their lives and is supported by Sound Healing using Crystal Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drum, the Reverie Harp, Gong and other instruments.

Clearing huge amounts of blocks, stress, old traumas and emotional patterns, whilst releasing physical tension, pain, limiting beliefs and more. This results in the restoration of peace, harmony and balance in your body, mind and life.

Sometimes referred to as “Cellular Memory Release” Rebirthing does just that, the breathing rhythm allows the body to relax and let go of blocks at a cellular level meaning that the changes are profound and permanent. When Sound Healing is added to the experience it is supercharged.

The breathing rhythm literally gently pulls you in to a deep meditative state of relaxation, an “altered state of consciousness” where the conscious mind or “Ego” loosens it’s grip and you reach deeper parts of your consciousness where the true answers lie and where energy blocks can be accessed and released.

Sophia Soul
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Appointments are available Tuesday to Sunday

10am - 6pm
Please contact me by phone or email to arrange appointments.

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