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I love working with Spirit and I love supporting people as a medium and channel. When you have a reading with me, I invite your Spirit Guides, Angels and passed loved ones to come close. I ask that they bring forward the information they know you need to hear along with their loving wisdom. Our Angels and Spirit Guides know all about us. They know what your soul path or Divine plan is and they know just where we are struggling in our Earthly life. I allow your Spirit Team to channel through me all that they wish you to hear and answer all the questions you may have. I also request that I be made a channel for the healing energies of the Divine, so you are not only hearing what you need to hear, but you are receiving high levels of healing as well. You probably won’t feel the healing energies until perhaps the next day when you may well feel a little different as the energies settle within you. I will ask you to drink plenty of water after your session with me.
My purpose is to have you leave a session feeling positive, uplifted and ready to take on life with renewed confidence.
I will devote time to answering any questions you have according to what Spirit gives me and many times we will end your session by taking a look at Oracle cards if that is your wish.

A Few Testimonials:
" My reading with Karen was SPOT ON with things that were going on in my life . Was great to get some clarification. Thanks again Karen !!! " Christie, Newcastle NSW

" I had a reading with Karen and am so glad I did! She gave me so much insight and clarity - I am so so grateful for all of the information she shared with me! Thank you Karen " Melissa, Newcastle NSW

"Karen and I have been good friends for a few years now and I feel very honoured to have her in my life. I have been fortunate to receive amazing readings from Karen which aren't easy when you do them for people you are very close to. But each time her messages were spot on, either as confirmation or revealing future events that came true in my life. Karen has a unique gift and I am certain that lots of people who seek her advice and guidance will benefit in many ways. Thank you Karen - you are an Angel on Earth!" Coni, Newcastle, NSW

"Karen has given me quite a number of readings over the last few years and is my "go to" when I need a psychic medium. She always seems to be able to get to the heart of my concerns with accuracy and offers practical advice. She gives the messages of my Spirit guides in a way that is easy to understand. Karen has also helped me with Spirit activity in my house, taking the time to explain what was happening and helping me to get it sorted. I would always recommend her for readings and support." Cameron, Cardiff, NSW

"Recently I received a reading from Karen and with the help of her spirit guides, it was uncanny how accurate she was when describing relatives who had passed over and comforting when told that they were around helping me to move forward in life when stuck. Thank you Karen. Your warmth and genuineness was much appreciated." Rhonda, Gwandalan NSW

"I haven't had a reading of any kind before. Karen told me things that made sense to me that no one else would know. She was able to give me some guidance about my future work, health and family. I know I will make another appointment to get guidance in the future. The session was very relaxed and informative. Thank You" Peter, Newcastle

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