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Nadia offers tailored one-to-one instruction on tantric sensual embodiment and meditative breathwork practices to improve self-love through Self-Realization of your true nature as the Divine Union between Shiva and Shakti. Enhance your relationships, heal sexual trauma, increase libido, strengthen pelvic floor, or reduce menopause symptoms through these ancient sacred energetic practices.

A partner is not the source of our own orgasm - you are. Learn how to cultivate and circulate your own sexual energy throughout your body for increased pleasure, healing, and creativity. And when you know yourself to be Source, you know yourself to be a Goddess inhabiting the temple of your body - and your way of being in the world will change dramatically because you realise you are the Divine Creator of your reality.

Tantric sex is like yoga for the bedroom. The more often you practice, the more life force energy you have at your disposal to facilitate spontaneous multiple full-body orgasms and kundalini awakening - more pleasure and the ecstatic bliss of being connected to Universal Consciousness.

Sessions can include tantric lifestyle coaching and instruction on Grounding, Tantric Breathwork, Bandhas and Mudras, the Microcosmic Orbit, Taoist Qigong, Self-Massage, Ovarian Palace Breathing, Sacred Womb Healing, Jade Yoni Egg Yoga, Self-Pleasuring, Edging, and Orgasmic Manifestation.

Sessions are typically 2 hours for $200 - book now for a free Discovery Call with Nadia to learn more.

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