New Year! New YOU!! 3 Session Package

"3 x 30 Mins Session Package" Is NOW the time to Transform YOU?

New Year! New YOU!!

30 Minutes

$555 for the package of 3 x 30 Minute Sessions

New Year! New YOU!!

2020 had many distractions for us! What was it like for you?

Did you get distracted or did you CREATE?

With the distractions of 2020 many of us have avoided what we would really like to choose!

Would you like to unlock all your limitations and distractions that have so far prevented you from creating?

What would being out of Reaction and into Creation be like for you?

Is now the time??

In 2021, If you were true to you... what would you choose?

Sarah Be is offering this amazing 3 x 30 minutes Session Package to those in the Sacred Feminine Community that are ready to truly create any areas of your lives that may not be working for you. This can include, Money, Relationships, Business, Parenting, Health & Wellbeing and creating the future you truly DESIRE to have!

If you could choose to CREATE anything what would YOU choose?
If you would like to have a quick chat to see if this is everything you require please call me on 0405 734656

Service Provider 

All Sacred Feminine Tribe Member's receive a 10% discount.
Please contact admin for further details.

Sarah Be



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