Inner Child Work

Emotional Intelligence & Healing Childhood Trauma Through Feeling


Inner Child Work

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Everyone has experienced trauma - birth is a trauma. Learn how to heal wounds from adverse childhood events such as adoption, abandonment, abuse, bullying, enmeshment, neglect, parentification, divorce, etc. that can affect our relationships, careers, health and spiritual journey.

We do this by learning to re-parent the Inner Child with self-compassion, agency, and befriending vice judging our emotions. When we understand that our feelings are the language through which the Inner Child expresses unmet needs, we can then take effective action to provide ourselves the care we may have been seeking externally only to be disappointed again and again. Learn how to prioritize the Inner Child in a way that will transform your self-care, which enables you to take better care of others.

Emotional Intelligence, processing and release techniques such as Matrix Timeline Therapy, The Completion Process, Compassionate Holding Space, iRest Yoga Nidra, and Inner Child Dialogue to promote acceptance, self-love, healthy boundaries, and the power of choice.

Sessions are generally 1.5-2 hours and my online rates are $80/hr (so 1.5hr = $120 and 2hr = $160 AUD. Save 10% when you book a 10-pack of sessions). You can learn more about me at

Still not sure? Book in for a free 30-minute Discovery Call to get a feel for what the sessions will entail and whether we'll be a good fit working together!

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