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I Am Unstoppable - Coaching

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Coaching helps you become UNSTOPPABLE in whatever it is that is important to you. Not just through the coaching sessions, but mastering skills that you can take into all areas of your life, even after the coaching is complete. I use proven techniques and strategies coming directly from the latest in Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence.

Coaching helps you to learn how to harness your emotions and use them to your advantage. To create new habits and let go of what no longer serves you. To move past fear and procrastination. To have someone to be accountable too.

I help you to find your own answers and to set goals and strategies that are unique to you and your life. We focus on solutions, not problems. We inspire you to create your ideal future and help you to work through the blocks that have stopped you up to this point. You will be stretched and challenged.

We support your growth in all areas of your life, especially in achievement and confidence levels. We do this by championing you with lots of positive feedback and holding you accountable to do what it takes for you to succeed. We shine light on what you are achieving and support you through some of the more challenging aspects.

As your coach, I am 100% committed to you achieving the goals you set. There is almost no other structure in life that gives you this benefit. It really is all about you becoming UNSTOPPABLE.

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Leeanne Neil



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