Emotional Intelligence & Brain Profiling

Learn How To Use Your Brain and Emotions More Effectively

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Emotional Intelligence & Brain Profiling

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Emotional Intellegence is learning how to be smarter with your feelings.

As an Emotional Intellegent (EQ) assessor I can help to you discover what your baseline for your EQ and how to increase your effectiveness in managing your emotions and using them to your advangate so you can nagivate your life with much more personal power.

Emotions are just data, giving us a clue into what is present for us. Learning how to harness the information allows for you to make more impactful decisions, to work with others more effectivly and to manage yourself in a positive and proactive way.

Learning your Brain profile allows you to choose and use your brain in the most wholistic way. Understanding yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Before our session together, I will send you a link to complete your EQ/Brain profiling assessment, once this is done we can go over your strengths, and your areas for development around the 8 learnable EQ competancies, which include:-

Emotional Litracy - the ability to articulate what is present.
Recognise Patterns - knowing how you are going to respond in every situation
Navigating Emotions - how to have choice to do right actions rather than reaction
Excercising Optimism - the ability to look for the good in every situation
Intrinsic Mortivation - to be motived from within, working towards your purpose
Consequential Thinking - the ability to think through the benefits and risks of every action and decision
Increase Empathy - for self and others.
Noble Goal - understanging what your mission is, what is your true north, your guiding light.

We will then set some goals and actions around how to bring more EQ into your life.

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