Christine's Pure Energy Healing

Pure Energy Healing For Emotional, Mental And Spiritual Wounds.


Christine's Pure Energy Healing

30 Minutes


$80 per session

As a pure energy healer, I specialize in the healing of emotional, mental and spiritual wounds, that may have been present within my client for a long time or a shorter period of time. I do not require my clients to lay down, simply to sit in front of me, and accept the healing I give. I don't need to touch my clients at all, as this healing occurs through an exchange of pure energy. I simply direct healing energy to my client.
This form of energy healing is best done face-to-face in the same physical space.
However, distance healing is offered for clients who live some distance away from the Camden Haven region.
Distance healing is usually done through a Zoom session or number of sessions, depending on the individual client.

Service Provider 


Christine Convery


Camden Haven, Online

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