Abhyanga Massage with Marma Points

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Abhyanga Massage with Marma Points

2 Hours


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Abhyanga Massage or oil massage is a classic and very ancient Ayurvedic procedure. The Sanskrit Abhyanga consists of two words – abhy (rub) and anga (finiteness), which implies the very meaning of the technique. The practice was initially used to soak the body with healing oils through Ayurvedic massage. Through the use of this technique, one can achieve a balance of the system of subtle bodies, including doshas, srot, chakras, vayi, Nadi.
This Ayurvedic procedure heals all organ systems, works out different muscle groups, relaxes the body, relieves the mind of obsessive thoughts and fuss, helps get rid of psycho-emotional stress. That is why Abhyanga massage is called the most popular type of Indian massage in Ayurveda.

Marma Point Massage
In Ayurveda Massage, a marma point is a physical location on your body where two or more types of tissue meet. However, Ayurveda also sees these points as intersections of prana (breath) and vital life force that house the doshas. Dosha imbalances block the flow of energy in the body, and the purpose of massaging marma points is to unblock the energy. (Marma massage is part of Abhyanga.)
Marma point massage is a light stimulation of marma points using massage oil and essential oils chosen based on your dosha imbalances. Unlike acupoints in Traditional Chinese Medicine, marma points are large, from one to six inches in diameter. Ayurveda believes that these points are a bridge between the physical and energetic bodies.

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