5th Dimensional Angelic Guidance

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5th Dimensional Angelic Guidance

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Black Crow Walking
Welcome to 5th Dimensional Angelic Guidance with Crow and the team. Your Angels know all about you, after all, you are *infinite being* in form. You are Magnificent. Your ability to co-create with the universe is profound. Look at what you have created. Are you living in heaven or hell here on this earth plane? If you would like some assistance to uncover yourself back to your natural state of peace, happiness, and freedom "WE" are here to assist you. We create space for you to be heard and seen. With gentle kindness, you will be assisted to un-create and destroy that which doesn't serve you, that which diminishes you. You will be empowered to find your own truth and to heal that which locks you into the illusion of the story. The Angels are gentle and clear, shining light into places hidden so that you may unlock the past and be present where the energy is. looking forward to the shift with you. You are loved

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Black Crow Walking


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