1:1 Pick Your Pathway - Mentoring

Pick Your Pathway


1:1 Pick Your Pathway - Mentoring

1. 1/2 Hours



Are you craving deep and meaningful relationships with yourself and others but feel blocked and can’t seem to access your authentic self?

Learn how to identify blocks in your emotions, and how to reframe and move through them.

Emotional Embodiment
Learn practical strategies to deepen your levels of presence, power and the embodiment of your emotions.

Inner Child Understanding
Learn how unmet needs, desires, and expectations from your childhood may be playing out in your adult life.

Shadow Work
Learn how your unconscious mind & values may be affecting your life in unknown ways.

Cyclical Rhythms
Nourish, move, work and play in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable and aligned with your unique constitution and your cyclical nature and use it to empower you

Repattern your connection to yourself and embody your natural feminine power; sync with your natural flow

The Womb
Learn the intricacies of the womb, and its creative, sexual and magnetic potency.
Do you find yourself wearing masks, pretending to feel better than you actually feel?
Do you feel something in your life is not quite right?
Even if you currently feel there is something missing from your life – and you’re just not sure what that is, or how to change it.

Numb From The Waist Down?
Stuck in your head and disconnected from your emotions?
Overwhelmed and overcommitted, risking exhaustion and burnout?
If you feel out of touch with your body you are not alone!

The world we live in is geared to make women feel inadequate – in their bodies and their power.

Sacred alignment is a mentorship that will help you to learn how to develop and access your own inner alignment. It is a powerful yet gentle unique soul-based coaching method that empowers you to rewrite inner fear and live a more empowered life.

This is available in 3 different tiers:
* 90 minutes intensive
* 1 month
* 3 months

To learn more- you can head to the website - https://www.shoshanasadia.com/pick-your-pathway/

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Shoshana Sadia



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