Toni Challice
Toni Challice

Hi, my name is Toni Challice and I am “Yoga in Your Space”.

I have come a long way, in a short space of time, filled with moments of fear, anger, hurt, exhaustion, physically & mentally.

My journey through Breast Cancer brought me to Yoga. Which began my spiritual awakening, leading me to serenity & self-assurance. I am truly grateful for the lessons I have learnt in my life so far and am so proud of the person I am today.

My passion is to guide women to Feel Good Within, without shame nor judgement. As a Spiritual Yoga Coach, I help them by deepening their self-love, belief & trust. Developing healthy boundaries & values, to embrace their individuality so that they can move forward with confidence. “As the best is on the inside” “Let the inside – out".

I am a Certified 350hr Yoga Teacher, currently Studying Reiki and Transformational Coaching. I will continue my studying, as life is all about learning.

Through Yoga in your Space, I hope to inspire others, as we are all very special individuals that have our own path in life. We need to remember not to be afraid to ask for help and accept it. No one can do it alone. Bless you all.... Namaste


350hr Yoga Teacher Certified,
Registered with Yoga Australia,
Reiki 1,
Currently studying Coaching,
Certificate 1V in Bookkeeping.


Beautiful feeling of serenity....
Yoga in Space is up there at the top of the list of things I have missed most during lockdown. The benefits from each practice have been many including a noticeable increase in core strength, deeper & more comfortable sleep & a noticeable decrease in anxiety. Most importantly it's a meeting of kind, like- minded people & leaving each time with a beautiful feeling of serenity. Namaste & Thankyou Toni. ***Cate M***

Everyone can do yoga.....
If you are looking for someone who is very passionate about teaching yoga, someone who is attentive, empowering and empathetic to your needs, then Toni from Yoga in your Space, is who you are looking for. The moment you step foot into her room, you feel at ease, and confident. Never in my life have I seen myself doing yoga, thinking it was for the 'flexible' people. Toni showed me that yoga is for everyone! For people of all shapes, sizes and age. Toni is very adaptable when conducting her classes, looking at everyone's needs and ability, making sure that the exercise is right for them. Toni has this energy around her that makes you feel so empowered, that you can do anything! You come away from the class feeling so calm and relaxed. I highly recommend Toni, Yoga in your Space, to support you in your Yoga practices.
***Maree from Maree's Mystic & Wellbeing ***