Shoshi is an Empowerment Mentor, Menstrual cycle educator, Certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™️, and Holistic Health Coach.

Her work is centered around balancing the feminine and masculine principles and breaking the stigma around all things menstruation and womb health, to emotional empowerment and pleasure. Our mission is to help women understand their behaviour, emotions, triggers, and trauma on a deeper, more intimate level, so that they can live a vibrant life of inner freedom and authenticity, full of pleasure, power, and purpose.

Up-levelling in these areas brings you into a deeper connection with yourself and heals the sister wound. The essence of this work is death and rebirth. It is a metamorphosis of the soul and an unshakeable knowing of who you are.

We are dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing space where each individual feels valued. The main intention of this work is for everyone to feel supported and free to be their most authentic self.

These teachings show women how to apply ancient feminine knowledge paired with the reclamation of feminine energy to live a life in alignment with their native essence. Some core concepts we explore are self-love, pleasure, womb health, reconnecting to our bodies, understanding our triggers on a deeper level, healing our imprints, and many more.

By implementing and embodying these teachings into our lives, the ripple of impact will shift outdated identities and ancestral lines. Society’s taboo around feminine energy and sexuality will be dispelled and future generations will be able to live openly free from the burden of shame.

In a world where women often feel inadequate in their bodies and their power, we believe that every woman has the power to fully embrace her beautiful, creative, and confident self.

The purpose of these practices is to help women channel their feminine power and embody their true essence, through reconnecting to the wisdom of their sacred bodies, cycles, and wombs. This work fuses feminine principles, practices, and inner guidance tools that seamlessly blend ancient spiritual wisdom with modern-day life.

Through intimate one on one guided mentorship, workshops, and group programmes, the foundational pieces of these offers, light the path of spiritual awakening and give permission to a more authentic way of living.

If you are craving more from your life and seek a deeper and more meaningful connection of self-discovery, this may be your most important journey so far. T


Cert 4 Personal Trainer,
Certified Holistic Health Coach


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I highly recommend working with this amazing woman. I have had lots of sessions with Shoshana Sadia over the past few years and found my self perception, creative, sexual and feminine empowerment shift immensely. I am more me than ever, I have worked through limiting self beliefs; as small as I will never be free of acne and as big as I am never enough. I have confronted my most dark experiences in some deep shadow work; illuminated core events that installed responses in me that became habit and I have finally been able to target this and work to heal. Returning to my true core self and responding to life as me. I have explored sensual and vocal meditation (this was a welcomed change to the more masculine silent still meditation I had known previously) and opened more channels within myself for sensation, experience and expression and finally reconnected holistically with my moon cycles which continues to support me and regulate my natural energy flow. I have enhanced my nutrition and have filled my life with health and fitness that suits my natural flow which has become seemingly effortless. Showing me when I am in my feminine flow I navigate life with a lot more efficiency and a lot less stress, somehow achieving more but exhausting myself less.

There are no words for the gratitude I have for Shoshana Sadia, the space she has held me in and the wisdom she has dedicated herself to learning and alchemised to offer the world. I can attest to her brilliance and strongly suggest If you have been pondering life coaching, guidance or mentoring you contact her and bring your best vulnerability and honesty cloaks to the sessions, (a truly safe space and safe human to dive deep into yourself with beautiful and wise guidance) to explore you and do some real self work that will propel you into your truest youness as the unstoppable force of love and unique alchemy that you are.

Time for a self recalibration?

What better season to nuckle down on who you are and how much more you you can be!

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Shoshana also offers private Womb Reclamation Sessions which can be seen here:

Shoshana is the Host of the Sacred Feminine Spaces Tribe: