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Sherri Mulconry

I've been working as a qualified therapist (i.e. coach, counsellor, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist) for many years (over 16 years in fact, omg how time flies) and have helped thousands and thousands of women (and men) overcome their anxiety, stress and negative beliefs so they could achieve their personal goals.

I have worked with clients with all sorts of issues including: stress, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, life goals, career clarity, sporting competitions, addictions - including lots of women who had fallen into the habit of having several glasses of wine every night for no good reason, and of course my favourite and my speciality, weight loss issues.

Over the years, along with working with my face to face clients, I have run workshops and both public and corporate events. I’m also excited to say that I have been a contributing author in three published books (as opposed to all the stuff I’ve written that’s still sitting in my laptop).

I know first hand, all of the doubts, worries and fears that people (just like you and me) struggle with and I have formulated the best strategies and techniques using my Neuro2M Method™ to not only release these negative messages but to also replace them with new positive and empowering messages. I offer Online Programs and Online Personal Coaching & Program


Diploma Professional Counselling, Diploma Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner Certification, Cert IV Training & Assessment.