Pia Maganov
Pia Maganov

Since an early age I was interested in learning about spirituality, spending time in nature and using art as a way of expressing my emotions. I read many personal development books in my mid twenties and 30's to develop self confidence and cope with the challenges of marriage and raising children. When my husband demanded a divorce, I had to dig deeper into my personal resources.
This lead me to learn about many modalities including EFT, Byron Katie and the Sedona method and listen to leaders such as Arnold Patent, Louise Hay, Dee Wallace and Derek Rydall. As I learnt more, I also learnt that the answers I was seeking were inside me. I discovered a method of releasing my negative thoughts and beliefs which gave me much personal strength. This is outlined in my book: Get Back the Real You.
I then become a Life Success Coach so that I could help others transform their lives the way I had, moving away from feeling stuck, unsure of how I would cope and unsure of what was my life was for, to embracing life with vibrancy, self expression and purpose.
If you had asked me 10 years ago: "What is your wildest dream?" I would have answered to have an exhibition of my art. I didn't believe it would ever happen.
I did that 4 years ago and life just keeps getting better.
I run in-person and on-line workshops, and private coaching sessions.
Please contact me to find out more about how I can help you. I look forward to meeting you.


International Coaching Accreditation (ACC level), 8 years of life coaching, Pilates instructor and personal trainer for 18 years.
Author of 3 books: Visual Meditations, Get Back the Real You [Clearing your negative thoughts] and Discovering Personal Power [Finding meaning in life's experiences]


1) Before I met Pia, I was quite an unorganized person, finding myself overwhelmed more times than I would like. Never quite finding the right solution that worked for me. It meant I could look ages finding things or gave up looking for them. During Pia’s Vibrant You program, I started to get more organized, with my mind, body, and environment. Thanks to Pia for suggesting a filing cabinet might help. Within 2 days, I went out and bought one. I now can find things quickly and easily. Now I’m feeling more in control of my own life. Daily I am meeting my goals and it feels great. I can't thank you enough Pia. If anyone needs any help with their mindset, and limiting beliefs affecting their career or any part of their life, I would definitely recommend you have a discovery session with Pia. Tracey S.

2) With middle age upon me and my children nearing the end of school, I worked with Pia primarily to work out what I wanted to be when I grew up. What surprised me was that in order to explore my future, we would uncover and address long held beliefs that were not only limiting my choices, but were really holding me back.
Pia guided the discussion in a gentle non judgemental way that kept me on task, but never giving me the answer. She always gave me the time and importantly, a safe space to enable me to uncover things on my own. While she helped me to find answers and more questions, I need to be clear that I could not ever have done this on my own.
This style was new to me and while its newness was a little confronting and the self discovery could be uncomfortable, I was amazed at the speed and depth of issues that we uncovered and addressed.
Along with my new behaviours and beliefs, I also have a new awareness with which I can identify if my thoughts or beliefs are going back to the old way, and now have some skill to readjust and get back on track. These skills have been so incredibly beneficial when dealing with the constant uncertainly that these times bring. While I remain a work in progress, I can happily and easily perform regular maintenance on my thoughts. I couldn’t recommend this program and of course Pia more highly. Nicki M.