Nadia Nauss
Nadia Nauss

Nadia Nauss is the founder of Sustainable Self Care, a holistic wellness social enterprise specializing in Trauma-Informed Yoga, Life Coaching, Inner Child Work, Tantra and Hawaiian Kahuna and Lomi Lomi Massage.
As a former U.S. Navy officer and survivor of developmental trauma, Nadia loves empowering individuals with techniques to cultivate self-love, release repressed emotions, improve relationships, pursue passions, change careers, and optimize vitality so that we might know ourselves to be the sovereign Source of our own inner peace, energy, love, healing, creativity and pleasure.
Especially in light of the global pandemic, Nadia is passionate about sharing self-care practices that one can do at home unassisted to manage the effects of stress and isolation on sleep, intimacy, the human need for touch, the nervous system and immunity.
Nadia offers in-person services at Leilani Hawaiian Massage in Nelson Bay, NSW and supports online clients throughout Australia, USA, Africa and Europe.
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Nadia is also the Host of the Inner Child and Tantra for Self-Love Tribes:

Nadia also offers Private Tantra Lessons with more info found here:


Senior Yoga Teacher and Woke Yoga Academy Faculty Member with over 600 hours of yoga training
On-going 300-hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator training;
Level 3 Tantra Practitioner;
Erotic Living Lead Faculty Member;
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner; Haumana Level 3
Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist


"Nadia has a remarkable talent for holding a professional and safe space which is simultaneously charged with such a Divine energy that I can only describe my lessons with her as somewhat transcendental. Such incredible shifts took place within myself and my relationship with my husband that our lives have certainly been profoundly enhanced. Her talent for going straight to the required point for healing is a truly beautiful and powerful quality. A wonderful teacher, healer and very very wise young woman. Thank you so much Nadia. You’re amazing and I’m grateful.” Arwen J., Nelson Bay, NSW Australia

"Nadia @sustainable_self_care is the single greatest find of the last two years for me. She offers simple and practical solutions to problems that I thought were super complicated before breaking them down with her. She speaks my language, she holds me accountable and calls me on my bullshit, while simultaneously being supportive, non-judgmental and warm. She has been more of a life coach to me before cancer and simultaneous pregnancy entered my life and is now heavily being a therapist, and pivoted seamlessly. If you want to see someone for any plethora of reasons, talk to Nadia. She is freaking wonderful." Amy G., Bathurst NSW Australia

"Nadia’s presence is calming and grounding. Her yoga classes are nurturing and invigorating. I love the flow state that she creates in her classes, ticking all the boxes for strength, mobility and restoration. Likewise, having a Lomi-Lomi with Nadia is a beautiful experience, her holistic and intuitive approach makes me feel good, like I'm in expert hands that are filled with care and Aloha – a healing treat for my mind, body and soul!" Nathalie A., Alicante, Spain