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Mary Jane Beach

About Me
I am an approved supervisor through Pacfa and the Dept of Health and I currently provide supervision to other health professionals privately as well as through Blacktown Women and Girls Centre.

I have been running my private practice for over 20 years. My primary theory of practice is solution focussed therapy. I find most people really just want their lives to be better, so working on solutions to create those changes is very effective.

How I came to be an approved Counsellor
Early career as a registered nurse
I come from a early successful career as a registered nurse. As a nurse, I went to work on Palm Island with its local indigenous community. I went there thinking I could help, but encountered a very steep learning curve. I knew nothing when I arrived (very naïve) but I gained a great deal during my stay there.

Midwifery & Child Health
Midwifery was my next adventure and qualification, which I undertook in the UK. I then came back to Australia and worked as a midwife for 10 years also gaining a degree in maternal and child health.

Working at the Centre of Excellence for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
I then did a degree in health care management, which I discovered was definitely not for me. So I applied for a job at Redbank House, this is a centre of excellence for child and adolescent psychiatry. I worked on the child and family section. Families would come in for 6 week admission; the whole family would come from all over NSW. Very complex families, and proved a very interesting and challenging job that I loved!

While working at Redbank House, I gained a degree in counselling, then went on to do a 2 year degree in family therapy. It was a great opportunity to work intensely with families and a team of highly skilled professionals.

My private practice was established 20 years ago
It was while I was working at Redbank that I commenced my private practice which I established about 20 years ago.

While still running my private practice I also worked at St John of God where I had the privilege of working with Prof. John Saunders, the consultant to the WHO (World Health Organisation) on drugs and alcohol. Needless to say another steep learning curve which I thrived. I have a love of learning which I continue doing each day.


Registered Nurse
Midwife UK
Diploma in Maternal and Child Health
Diploma in Health Care Management
Degree in Counselling
Diploma in Family Therapy


We were recommended to Mary Jane by several health professionals and found the intervention strategies she suggested for our 4 year-old daughter to be exceptionally effective. Mary Jane combines her extensive experience with an up-to-date knowledge base. She has a professional manner, maintains privacy and confidentiality and establishes a great rapport with both the child and parents. We would not hesitate to recommend Mary Jane to anyone seeking help with challenging or high risk children.

Natasha & Stuart Crofts

I have been seeing Mary Jane Beach for approximately 7 months. She has been a God send to help me through some tough times with my 4 children; the youngest has behavioural problems and the others are just boys being boys. She has also guided me on how to find peace within a stressful marriage and helped me to make sense of a world that doesn’t! Regards a now almost relaxed mum and wife!

Jen D