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Leeanne Neil

I am a Business and Life Coach which I have been doing for more than 10 years.

I am passionate about helping people achieve more than they thought possible.
My passion is understanding what makes people do the things they do, so I have studied both Neuroscience in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

I am a corporate trainer and facilitator of both my own material plus I contract to organisations to run their programs for them.

I have had a Mortgage Broking business for more than 20 years and love helping people to achieve their financial goals too.


Certificate in Foundations of NeuroLeadership.
Certification Coaching - Results Coaching Systems
Certified EQ Assessor - 6Seconds
Certified Youth Version EQ Assessor - 6Seconds
Certified Brain Profiler - 6Seconds
Diploma of Financial Services - Finance/Mortgage Broking Management
Certificate IV Financial Services - Finance/Mortgage Broking Management


Leeanne made me look at my business in a different way. I am very happy with the coaching she provided....

Leeanne was fabulous, very motivating, 'matter of fact' and made me accountable. She helped me put processes in place but it was up to me to do them. She was also very honest at pointing things out in me, which I appreciated....

Leeanne was very encouraging without being pushy. She encouraged me in directions that I wouldn't have explored otherwise.....

Leeanne was very helpful, she was always positive, honest and keen to assist with working together to brainstorm the best way to implement a marketing strategy. Leeanne was great at keeping me accountable for my actions. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Leeanne, she has definitely given me some key practices that I will keep in place in my business for a long time.....

When I talk of working with Leeanne I like to tell a story.

When Leeanne first told me she was training to become a personal coach 6 years ago my instant thought was: Perfect! This is the perfect vocation for Leeanne because Leeanne is such an inspiring, motivating and supportive person.

When she asked me if I was interested in being one of her guinea pigs I jumped at the opportunity to work with her.

Guinea pig? Pah! It was a life changing exercise for me. With Leeanne's intelligent and insightful support, I realised goals that I was truly scared I would never realise.

Now, six years later, I felt I needed support again to reach some new goals in my life, and so I asked Leeanne to work with me again. The effect was, once again, immediate and life changing. I am now on the path of complete personal fulfillment, and I know that with Leeanne's support I will get there. I will be Me: completed!