Kathy Dugan
Kathy Dugan

I love to working with people so that they can take back their health.


I am Certified in Energy Psychology and also an Accredited, Certified Advanced Level 3 EFT Practitioner.


Kathy Dugan is an extraordinarily insightful and highly effective EFT practioner. When I began working with her, I was somewhat of a skeptic about EFT and tapping, but wasn't at all sure if tapping would be able to help me specifically. I had so many issues going on. I had been recently diagnosed with cancer, my home was a mess and I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Kathy Dugan listened intently and compassionately to everything I had to say. When we began our tapping sessions, Kathy seemed to be able to organize my thoughts and hear between the lines which brought me a sense of clarity about my own feelings. We would tap until I felt a significant relief from the physical or emotional pain and sometimes I would feel a complete shift in my perception. I began to see big changes in my life. I was able to tackle the mess in my house. I started taking better care of myself and ate healthier foods. My relationship with my son improved. Kathy helped me deal with the pain and fear of my cancer surgery and treatments. She also guided me in how to relieve headaches and side effects of medications. Kathy expertly and lovingly gave me the tools to help myself through my illness and in the future as well. I will always be grateful for all that she taught me and whole-heartedly recommend her service.
Judy, Long Island, New York

Before I started to work with Kathy Dugan, I was still feeling some long ago grief from a life event from 1977 when I was told that my brother drowned. It was a tragic event and when I thought of it I felt over the top grief that was affecting me in many ways today. There were many aspects to just that one event and I worked with Kathy on this one and several more.
I found that I could tell Kathy anything as you know she is listening to you and I really felt heard. She is a highly skilled EFT Practitioner. I always felt supported and I know when I am working with her I am safe and in excellent hands.
She cleared this event up energetically and several others which opened the door for compassion, kindness and true healing for myself as well as my family who really did the best they could under the circumstances.
Thank you, Kathy!
Barbara B.
Concord, NH