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Karen Percival

Karen has been doing mediumship and channelled readings for people for more than 20 years and It is her passion! With the direction of her Spirit Team, Karen gives people a much needed connection with their own Spirit Guides, Angels, Deceased Loved Ones and Spirit "Family".

When preparing for your reading, Karen invites your Spirit Team and hers to come close, bringing their knowledge, guidance, love and healing to you. Her team will orchestrate the order of the session but there will be plenty of opportunity for your questions during this time. Your Spirit team loves you unconditionally and fully and also know what it is that needs to be addressed to help you navigate your way through life. Karen confirms the love, dedication and constant support your guides and team have for you and you will leave your reading feeling the certainty that you are never alone in your journey and that your future is wonderful. During these sessions you will receive healing energy as Karen ensures that Healing Angels are present during your session to give you the healing you need.

Frequently a deceased loved one will come forward to let the sitter know that they are close by and their messages will be conveyed to you also. This connection brings healing and understanding for the sitter and the person in Spirit.

Over the years, Karen has taught groups to connect with their “God” or “Source” selves, along with their guides, loved ones and angels. We can all do this in different ways and she will help you realise your own unique ability to do this. The Spirit world gives us so much more understanding about why we are here on planet Earth. As we begin to grow and develop more understanding about our earthly world and we realise there is nothing to fear, the happier and more fulfilled we become. It is time for us all to awaken to our true potential!


Karen joined a Spiritualist Church back in the late 1980's in Windsor NSW. She undertook a few short development courses and joined a meditation circle. Within a matter of months Karen began to channel Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers and quickly developed ability to read for people and connect with their deceased loved ones also. It was her Spirit Team who helped Karen develop her true abilities. Karen spent several years speaking at Spiritual centres and helped run a centre in North Richmond, NSW with some very special friends she made along the way. Since 2020, Karen usually only performs one on one readings as the type of information channelled is very specific to the individual, however occasionally she will do more general readings for small groups.


"I recently had a reading with Karen and even though the information she gave was cryptic to her, she relayed the information concisely and with passion. The messages I received were very relevant to me and I believe Karen had a fabulous link with her guides. This has enabled me to see my chosen path more clearly. This is so important as the path I've chosen is one that is full of mystery and uncertainty. Thank you so much Karen and I wish you all the very best. xoxox "- Donna, Newcastle

" As I've been feeling unsettled and confused about my current stage in life, I thought it was time to have a reading with Karen. It blew me away! Instantly I felt this beautiful calming energy and Karen gave me all the messages I needed to hear to confirm that I am on the right track. More than that, the messages I received gave me guidance and assurance. Now it's up to me to take them on board and to take action. Thank you so much Karen for a brilliant reading. I call you the Amazing Karen!", Maddy, Newcastle NSW

"I had a reading with Karen and the information she gave was accurate for my current situation. It has given me the confidence within that I am on the right path and making the right choices. Thank you Karen for the reading, your understanding and your encouragement as it means so much to me." - Leanne, Newcastle