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Jocelyn Diles

I guide you in embodying unconditional love and connection to your body’s wisdom helping you claim your power, rediscover yourself in the divine feminine, and build the life you deeply desire.

I’m a feminine embodiment coach guiding women to get in touch with their body’s wisdom, learning to listen to messages and the magic around them, elevating their vibration, and calling in unconditional love and abundance.

I have been guiding and coaching clients on my massage table for over 8 years to support them in healing their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. I have gained much of these skills in my own healing of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and chronic shame. The deep work I have done for myself has brought me to a place of light and harmony, and it is my purpose to share this with other women and to help them find the light and harmony within their bodies.

Certified Professional Life Coach, Authentic Relating International Leadership level 3, Massage Therapist for 8 years, healed myself from depression, anxiety, shame, and chronic pain

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