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Foxxy Eleoyze

Foxxy is passionate about empowering women to develop unbridled courage, confidence and self-worth to reclaim their true essence of who they are.

She creates space for women to give themselves permission to believe in themselves and rediscover who they are (beyond being a mother, wife, business person etc.)

Foxxy’s background has been a struggle between a very strict religious up-bringing, having low self-esteem and her controversial job as a professional exotic dancer. She now integrates her life experience and background along with her extensive research and study into personal-development, spirituality, energy-work and how the mind works, into all that she does.

She, like many women. had been taught from a young age to restrain her natural abilities and female attributes. Having been abused emotionally, put down and shamed by her mentally ill mother, Foxxy now understands that not processing and integrating emotions mean they stay in your body and show up as aches, pain and dis-ease.

From a young age, Foxxy understood that the simple art of movement is the quickest and most effective way to tap into your body’s wisdom. She now teaches and coaches women in 1:1 sessions, workshops and retreats. She is creator of The 9 Archetypes (Behaviours) To Your Inner Power, which she uses as a tool in her signature program – Reclaim Your Sass.
Foxxy loves to create experiential, educational and transformational experiences.
Her mission is to co-create with other likeminded women and help 100,000 women to find the courage and belief in themselves to live a life beyond their wildest dreams.


Intuitive Facilitator
Master Results Coach,
NLP & Hypnosis Trainer,
Neurological Therapist,
Pranic & Lightwave Energy Worker,
Artistic Creator,
Keynote Speaker and soon to be Author.


If you’re looking for someone to help you understand how to embrace self-love by working with the body, then Foxxy is your lady. She has the unique ability to help you identify the root cause of whatever’s holding you back and work through it, using music and dance. I left after my session with so much more awareness of my body and the emotions I was allowing to be suppressed at a deep level. Although some things were difficult to face, I now feel much more free, lighter and ready to take on the world. - Susan McLachlan, Brisbane

“Foxxy is an incredibly special person and an amazing healer. She has an ability to connect from the heart and open you up in such a way that those doors which have been very firmly locked ease their way open and let light and love in to those very dark places. Allowing you to heal on a truly deep and cellular level and removing those blocks which have been tripping you up and holding you back for perhaps your entire life.” – Jessie H. Ipswich

“I loved your event. I haven’t laughed so hard for hours. The environment was so joyful as well as supportive, empowering and loving. Can’t wait to attend another one of your events!” Margaret Sramko – Brisbane

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