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Coach Mel

After two failed marriages and a complicated healing journey, Mel realised “there had to be a better way” so she partnered with Global Success Academy to create her “Coach Mel” Coaching practise where she specialises in helping strong, smart, successful women get their Mojo back after leaving a toxic relationship.
Her techniques have been used to help thousands of people for over 30 years and she brings her warmth, humour and nurturing spirit to each coaching session in a way that leaves every client feeling better for having been there.
She is passionate about getting the best performance out of each individual according to their strengths and ensuring a harmonious and positive personal life for all of her clients.
Coming from many generations of gifted healers Mel is claircognicent with a particular gift around medical issues, drawing on this and using the support of her ancestors and her training in Theta Healing, Mel is able to provide guidance and support to those on a healing journey.


Certified Partner - Global Success Academy (Coaching)
Theta Healing - Level 1 & Advanced


I contacted Coach Mel during a period of significant change for me both personally and professionally. I was in a holding pattern and I knew I was not moving forward. Mel helped me reflect and focus on the areas that I wanted to improve on as well as providing me with strategies to ensure that I was making me a priority. Mel’s positive attitude, careful questioning and holistic approach to coaching was exactly what I needed to re-focus and move forward. - Gillian

I was at a point in my life where I was reluctant to move forward but couldn’t work through it myself. Being a business woman myself, I thought I had all the answers. I was wrong. But after just one session with Melinda, I had found my Life Coach. Melinda was such a guiding force and challenging me to look at the things I wasn’t seeing. She helped me to facilitate change and move me to a new direction. Melinda’s insightfulness was able to pin point where I needed to focus. Melinda definitely improved my ability to change what I need. Her genuine interest in the people she works with truly shines. Melinda’s personable approach makes it easy to feel comfortable with sharing the nitty gritty! I highly recommend Melinda. She is a fantastic Coach and a beautiful, genuine woman.
- Julie