Claire Roche
Claire Roche

In 2012, I was working for one of the biggest corporations on this planet making a 6 figure income, travelling the world, newly married and about to give birth to my first born child. Sounds idyllic right?
Well spirit had a different plan for me and I was forced through a huge transformation that literally rocked me to my core. I was told quite clearly that I needed to be of service and that I just needed to surrender, everything would be taken care of. And it was.

I now work with women to help them transform and make changes in their lives, whether that be the end of a relationship, death or birth of a child or project I am a midwife for change.


Reiki Master, Diploma of Counselling


Sanah Ruf - Just saw Claire today for my first healing session. I was a bit nervous but Claire made me feel safe. We discovered some patterns in taking therapy and Claire help me see stuff in a different perspective.
The physical healing session was great. Claire is a real life angel 😇. I felt super relaxed, rebalanced and energised afterwards.
Working on expressing my feelings and truth 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Michelle Addison - I had such a relaxing time at the Women’s Red Tent Circle event last night. Claire is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I’m so glad she has chosen to share it and help others to find ways to relax and connect with alternative therapies. I’ll certainly be attending more of these events!

Sarah Langham - Two major, positively life changing events have happened within 24hrs of seeing Claire, on separate occasions. It was not a coincidence that I found her & that I’ve been blessed to encounter her powerful connection to the spiritual realm. I cannot recommend her highly enough if you are on an enlightenment journey and seek your best life!