Black Crow Walking
Black Crow Walking

Black Crow Walking, Artist, Writer, Healer, Teacher Adventurer.
This last year has established Crow as an author with 3 books now published and another book being prepared for publishing. Black Crow Walking was nominated poet of the year in 2005 in Washington DC.
She writes as she paints. Putting colourful images that are evocative before the reader to digest.
Crow has been a healer all her life and came in with 3 powerful healing gifts which she has developed over a life time. Crow has travelled the world teaching and doing healings and offering retreats for immersion into Angelic training.
Crow is currently offering Angelic Guidance and healing through Sacred Feminine Community, via Zoom, Facebook Messenger or in person, leading you through the process of doing the work to heal, as well as channelling your spirit guides, ancestors and Angelic team.
As an artist Crow has been painting, printmaking and sculpturing for the last 40 years and has finally made it into a National Gallery.

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