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Alicia Sierra

Alicia is the founder of She has been a Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Coach, and Women's health practitioner for over 20 years. She is also trained in Relationship Polarity and teaches women how to have harmonious relationships with all of the men in their lives. Alicia uses Hypnosis and NLP to help women become more radiant and feminine. She helps women to tap into their inner power and step into their greatness to embody the Queen archetype and begin ruling their lives with grace and power.

She hosts the Self-Esteem and Empowerment Tribe in the Sacred Feminine Community.

Her specialties:
* Womb Clearings. This is a form of energy and guided ritual in which women are guided to remove and transform trauma, negative imprints from past relationships, emotional pain, stagnant energy, and blockages that are in your womb.

*Goddess Activation sessions in which she helps you to tap into the different archetypal goddesses that live within you through the use of meditation and rituals. Each Goddess has her own energy and can help you in different areas of your life.

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Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Hypnotist
Certified Mindset Coach for Women
Certified Herbalist for Women
Relationship Polarity Coach


"Alicia is an inspirational relationship coach. She has helped me better understand men’s perspectives and what I look for in a relationship. I have learned to better communicate with men and to focus on and express my needs and interests more effectively."
— Susan Chan

"Alicia helped me shift my thinking and approach to relationships with men. At first, it felt uncomfortable. But, she helped me take small steps, read the reaction and connect the results to my changes. My work with Alicia helped me with a romantic relationship as well as helping me with platonic relationships."
— Gina, NYC