Preferred Partners

Our Sacred Feminine Community is Honoured to be able to introduce our Preferred Partners, 

who with us, are 'Touching the Lives of Women Everywhere'.
Our Partners are Passionate about being in service to Women and they show this in what they offer through their Events, Private Consultations, Ongoing Classes or Courses.


Know Your Flow

Love Your Cycle Course

Drum n Bassersize

Pick Your Pathway Mentoring

Toni Challice

Hatha Yoga Online

Yoga Nidra Online

Simple Yet Effective Yoga

Cure The Disease To Please

Jocelyn Diles

Feminine Embodiment


Sacred Women's Circles

Feminine Practices

Sherri Mulconry

Online Programs

Online Coach & Program

Entrepreneurs Mastermind

Christine Convery

Meditation Teacher

Retreat Facilitator

Pure Energy Healing

Lee Latu

Kati Basti Oil Treatment

Ionic Detox Footspa

Lava Shell Massage

Abhyanga Massage

Karen Percival

Spiritual Readings

Alicia Sierra

Mindset Coaching

Empowerment Tribe

Goddess Activations

Hypnosis for Women

Susan Tapper

Website Design

Linda Grundy-Barrett

Soul Hypnotherapy

Soul Tarot Reading

Soul Tarot & Healing Hypnosis Tribe

Vickie Elliott

Access Bars

Energic Facelift

Symphony of Possibilities

Access Bars Class - Coming Soon

Ruth Boydell

End of Life Support

Time of Your Life Tribe


Threshold Singing

Amanda Capelo


Oracle Guidance

One on One Coaching

Mary Jane Beach


Family Therapy


Nadia Nauss

Holistic Life Coaching

Inner Child Work

Tantric Self-Massage with Nadia

Taoist Tantric Yoga with Nadia Nauss

Claire Roche

Power of You Coaching


Awaken the Priestess Course

Peaceful Minds Meditation

Coach Mel

Life Coaching

Theta Healing

Kathy Dugan

Take Back Your Health

EFT or Meridian Tapping Tribe

Barb Whitfield

Yoga, Meditation,

Breathing for Health

Workshops for Women

Exercises Cancer Health

Leeanne Neil


Training & Facilitation

EQ Assesessor

Mortgage Broking

Sophia Soul

Sound Healing


Sacred Feminine Massage

Self-Esteem & Me Tribe