Take Back Your Health

Connecting with your inner guidance to bring back your health

24/9/21, 11:00 pm




Take Back Your Health

In completing this program, you will learn how to manage and let go of the emotions that no longer serve you and your health.
Once you have let go of the damaging emotions that produce illness and dis-ease, you will be a healthy individual.
And once you learn many of these nuances of the energy body, you will find it much easier to process and let go of the damaging emotions, which will enable you to Take Back Your Health.

The first week of this course will basically be more of an introduction.
We will go over things that will need to be worked on, and things that need to be worked on throughout the course.
We will then go through each week with applying all that has come up the during that week and add at least one more aspect to work on.
While in this program, you will need to work on yourself each and every day in order to make progress. You will definitely need to be committed to working on yourself. You will have my email and be able to ask questions if you are having an issue, but most of the questions should be put forth during each weeks session.
Twelve week course (Dates can be flexible)
Each weekly session will be at least an hour and could possibly be 1-1/2 hours.

Payment plan available
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Kathy Dugan

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