Awaken The Priestess

A Journey of the Magdalene's

21/9/21, 12:00 am




Awaken The Priestess

On the Equinox we will start the journey of The Priestess astrologically known as Virgo. The sign of the virgin has often been misinterpreted as a woman yet to be deflowered and enter sexual maturity when in fact the traditional understanding of the virgin is that of the Priestess.

A woman/man who can embody the divine and bring this energy into their unique expression. Maybe you have met someone in your life who embodies this energy? They are comfortable with change, they are surrounded by chaos and death yet they are still able to keep a peaceful demeanor and cheerful attitude in their life. They accept life and life accepts them.

These abilities have come about through initiation and transformation in their lives. They have traveled the hero's journey or as the bible depicts it -The return of the prodigal son.

What happens when we connect with The High Priestess?

- We awaken the inner Hero/Heroine
- We learn ancient sacred knowledge
- We rise in our lives as sovereign beings knowing our purpose.
- We become kings/queens in our own right
- We reclaim our true power

Many people are now struggling with the decline of our civilisation and they don't know what to do. The priestess offers us initiation, something we have more or less forgotten about and lost in our cultures.

All up the time investment is just 3 hour per Month on the following New Moon dates at 10 am UK Time:
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21st September 2021
6th October 2021
4th November 2021
3rd December 2021
3rd January 2022
1st February 2022
2rd March 2022

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