8 week Laughter Coaching

8 week course


8 week Laughter Coaching

About Laughter Yoga Coaching
Laughter Yoga coaching is ideally suited for anyone who wants to add more laughter and joy to their life, for people facing enormous stress and depression, for the introverted and shy, for older people who have forgotten how to laugh, physically challenged and bedridden and for those with chronic diseases.

If you are interested in joining other women wanting more laughter in their lives...sign up quick. Numbers are limited.

What people say about the program - Testimonials

Katrina, Adelaide - What I gained from doing the “1-1, 8 week laughter coaching program” was my overall optimism for life improved. This is really significant for me as I could be quite a serious and oftentimes negative (thinking) person. I had positive shifts in my emotional, physical and mental health. I became more comfortable with laughing on my own and can now fully appreciate the amazing benefits from laughing ‘on purpose’ (not having to rely on an external stimulus, e.g. something funny, to laugh) on a regular basis (and for a period of at least 5-10 minutes a day). I loved the different laughing exercises experienced daily with my coach. I felt a lovely connection and continue to do so with the many people that I now laugh with on a regular basis. It is so simple, yet so effective – I can’t believe how little I laughed before and how much I laugh now. I really didn’t want the 8 weeks to finish as I enjoyed it so much. So now I laugh alone and connect with people who also want to laugh and my life is much better for it. Very good, very good, YAY!!!!

Tracey – Perth - Wow
I gained such a lot from doing the 8 week 1:1 Laughter Yoga Coaching Program…Each week a different aspect of your health is reviewed and each week I learnt something new, both about laughter and more importantly myself.
The most significant learning was the Emotional Health week. I learnt what I need to be truly happy… amazing to notice this and to acknowledge it. Had I not done the course, I don’t think I would have realised this!
Physical Health week was another highlight and I absolutely loved Self Health week. Saying positive affirmations and laughing. I have also done the exercise with my husband 
What was evident at the end of the program, was that my sense of humour increased, as did my positive thoughts and playfulness.
Laughing every day has now become a new daily habit and I love it! Before I found Laughter Yoga, I wasn’t a big laughter. I now laugh every day. It has been life changing.
I would definitely recommend the 8 week 1:1 Laughter Yoga Coaching to absolutely anyone.

Lesson – 1
Introduction, History, Concept and Philosophy
behind Laughter Yoga
You will learn about the whole concept of Laughter Yoga, how it evolved and the scientific rationale and health benefits of laughing without a reason. Your coach Tracey will evaluate your Laughter Quotient (LQ) which measures a person's ability to laugh, personality type, level of playfulness, sense of humor, ability to express emotions, ability to cope with challenges and communication skills etc. This explanatory session is followed by warming up exercises to loosen any inhibition and shyness.

Lesson – 2
Fake it until you make it
In this lesson your coach, Tracey, will explain the scientific fact that even if one pretends to laugh, the body does not know the difference - you get the same health benefits whether laughter is real or fake. Tracey will teach you a series of fake laughter exercises and voice reinforcement techniques that eventually lead to spontaneous laughter.

Lesson – 3
Motion creates emotion
You will learn how to laugh even if you don’t feel like laughing with the help of a scientific theory of Motion
creates Emotion. Your coach describes the two-way link between the body and mind and how one can change their state of mind by changing body behavior and vice versa. This is followed by laughter and breathing exercises which help to move the body and change the mental state.

Lesson – 4
Difference between Happiness and Joy
You will understand the difference between Happiness and Joy. The coach will explain that while happiness is a conditional response depending upon many reasons of life, joy is an unconditional commitment to have fun from within. It can be induced by simple body behavior like singing, dancing, playing and laughing. You will learn different techniques and laughter exercises which help cultivate a joyful state of mind.

Lesson – 5
You can train your Body and Mind to Laugh
Known as neuro linguistic programming, Tracey will explain how you can train the body and mind to laugh and create a joyful state by simply repeating a particular set of body behavior like playing and laughing.

Lesson – 6
Connection between Breathing and Laughter
Learn how laughter and breathing exercises from yoga help to bring more oxygen to your body and brain. Tracey will demonstrate five basic breathing exercises from yoga: Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Synchronised breathing, Mindful breathing and Humming.

Lesson – 7
Bringing Laughter Yoga into real life
Learn how the wisdom of Laughter Yoga exercises can be applied in real-life situations to bring about transformation and help cope with challenges of life and laugh in the face of free floating hostilities of daily life.

Lesson - 8
Evaluation and commitment
At the end of One- on-One coaching your coach will again evaluate your knowledge in the skills you have acquired during eight weeks of training. Tracey will motivate and inspire you to continue Laughter Yoga practice everyday and will assure you of her support to bring more laughter and joy in your life.

All Sacred Feminine Tribes Members receive a 10% discount on this course.

Bonus - includes 5 minutes of laughter per day with a laughter buddy.
Please contact admin if needed.

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Tracey Steddy

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