Taoist Tantric Yoga with Nadia Nauss

Cultivate Life Force Energy with an Invigorating Qi Flow Yoga Practice


Taoist Tantric Yoga with Nadia Nauss


6pm AEST




Feeling stuck and stagnant? Frustrated after a stressful work week? Lost your libido in lockdown?

Then come blow off some steam, release your pent-up emotions and detoxify with a little sweat and breath. Reset your nervous system for an invigorating flush of life force energy through the meridians of your energetic body!

Join Nadia as she interweaves Taoist Tantric breathwork, guided visualizations, bandhas (muscular contractions that serve as energetic locks), qigong-inspired Vinyasa Flow Yoga, ecstatic dance and sensual embodiment through non-linear movement and self-massage techniques to cultivate ching (sexual energy), raise kundalini shakti (creative life force energy), and circulate them around the body to revitalize every cell of every organ for healing, passion and creative flowstate!

This is an intermediate to advanced practice that is dynamic and "not your average yoga class" so some yoga, qigong, meditation, ecstatic dance or tantra experience is recommended. It is intended to prepare the mind, body and spirit for the intuitive freeplay Tantric Self-Massage/Self-Pleasuring practice that follows at 7:30pm AEST. While both classes are clothing-optional and mixed gender, you are always welcome to turn off your camera or dress to your level of comfort.

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Nadia Nauss