Tantric Self-Massage with Nadia Nauss

Give Yourself The Gift of Your Own Healing Touch


Tantric Self-Massage with Nadia Nauss


7:30pm AEST




Feeling lonely and disconnected? Don't have time to travel to a Massage Therapist?

Then come join Nadia as she facilitates a Tantric Self-Massage practice for our body-positive community who know how essential human touch is to down-regulate our nervous system's stress response and interrupt the coping mechanisms of distraction and dissociation. There are few things we can do for ourselves that are more loving, healing and calming than self-massage with our full attention and presence.

Tantric touch is slow, sensual, conscious and intentional. To intend, imagine, sense or feel the life force energy of love flowing from your heart down your arms and through your hands as they touch your body is a healing practice as ancient as the laying on of hands for the sick or the dying - yet in these modern times of lockdown and isolation, to touch yourself as you would touch a lover is one of the most overlooked practices we can keep to promote good health, wellbeing, and immunity.

When you quiet the mind, tune in to your body and really listen to your desires and urges, you intuitively know just where and how to touch yourself to feel pleasure. It is this soft skill of Interoception that enables you to not only know your needs and how to meet them on your own... it is also what empowers you to attune to another to whom you might give loving touch or confer healing energy.

From time to time Nadia will offer detailed instruction on Myofascial release or specific massage techniques to address the need to reduce muscular tension or relieve pain; however, the intention of this group practice is to create a safe space for your own intuitive knowing to emerge and guide your hands.

For those who attend the preceding Taoist Tantric Yoga Class at 6pm AEST, this can be an opportunity to combine the Breath Work and energy visualisations with intuitive touch and sensual self-massage to create for yourself a direct experience of your own Divine Healer within. While both classes are clothing-optional and mixed gender, you are always welcome to turn off your camera or dress to your level of comfort.

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Nadia Nauss