Mid-week Mindfulness Meditation

Perfect For All Levels Of Meditation Practice


Mid-week Mindfulness Meditation






During this one hour class you'll be guided through two gentle and relaxing mindfulness meditations, invited to participate in the class discussions and given a simple task to enhance your online meditation experience.
Each class is recorded with the recordings emailed to participants for further practice during the week ahead.
I invite you to join us each week for deep and profound relaxation and mindfulness practice.
Before each class I ask you to create a meditation space - perhaps light a candle or use a pot plant to decorate your special sacred space, have some cushions, pillows and throws handy, have a comfortable spot for sitting in an open and upright posture that creates spaciousness within you.
Have your water bottle handy and make your favourite hot cuppa about 5 mintues before class begins at 5.30 pm each Wednesday evening.
You may like to use your yoga mat for sitting and/or laying on.
Fee is per household, so you're most welcome to invite other members of your household to join in.

Service Provider 


Christine Convery