Hatha Yoga

Beginners Yoga


Hatha Yoga

Monday, Friday


1hr 15mins



Yoga is not about getting our selves into that perfect pose or that contortionist position.
It's about listening to our bodies. All our bodies are different and each day our bodies feel or move differently, for what ever reason. So you need to Trust YOURSELF and Listen to YOUR body.
Yoga in your Space practices Beginners Yoga for all.
Gentle stretching & balancing poses & postures. Flexibility & strengthening.
Lots of modifications - never do anything to harm yourself. If you are in pain you are not doing Yoga.
I'll always led your through all the asanas. (poses)

The practice will begin with a Breath awareness ,moving to Asanas (poses) and finish with Savasana.(corpse pose)
Each Practice is a different theme. Self-Love, Grounding, Patience, Gratitude,Healing, Joy and more

Service Provider 


Toni Challice