Our Tribes
As a Tribe Member
You Can:
Join as many Tribes as you wish
or create as many Tribes as you want.
Special Interest Tribes

This is where you truly get to share and participate with your passions and interests

with like minded women. 

We learn, we teach, we share, we grow doing what we love to do.  We are kindred spirits coming together virtually or face to face. 

This is where our unique voice can be shared.

Local Social Tribes

Local Tribes are smaller groups of our members right in your area. This is where we meet and create strong bonds of friendship with women we may have never met otherwise. 

We get together and have fun and bring some adventure into our lives.

Even if there is not a Tribe in your Local Area and you are not in the position of Hosting, please let us know as we are happy to organise a Tribe until another lady offers to Host it.

Sacred Feminine Touch  Facebook Community

Our Community is a Sacred & Safe space, where women come together to connect

and support ourselves and each other. 

We can step into our true authentic self, 

and do the things that make our heart sing. 

This is all about Self-Love and Connection.

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Mastermind Tribe
To support Our Host.