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A Women's Circle

When a circle is formed by women a space is created within that is sacred, filled with love & wisdom, and offers support for all to lean into deeply.

Let Your Radiance Shine

Shine radiant light, discover your magnetism, fall in love with yourself!
This tribe is for you if you are ready to embody your authentic self!

Natural Aromatics

Aromatherapy and Natural health solutions

Be A Big Sister

Our Big Sister Tribe members are mentors who support new Tribe Members as they join SFT

Just Be You

Are You Fighting Who You Were Born To BE?
Empower Your Own Abilities To Receive, Transcend and Deliver Your Innate Gifts.

Soul Tarot & Healing Hypnosis

A Soul Tarot Reading Opens the Doorway to the Wellness Pathway.
Hypnosis Dives Deeper into Healing and Change.

Activate Your Female Power Book Club

Join me to read and reflect on the transformational book Activate Your Female Power by Sharon Moloney, PhD! We start in March!!!

EFT or Meridian Tapping

Meridian Tapping For Pain and Emotional Release

Crystals 4 Life

A Fun Tribe Where We Will Discuss, Learn, Share the Magickal, Mundane and Healing Uses of Gemstones/Minerals (Crystals) in Our Lives, Homes or Work.

Wollongong Tribe

"The Benefits of a Having a Tribe are Undeniable. Women Who Have Strong Social Circles are Living Longer, Happier, Healthier Lives." – Lori Harder

Sunshine Coast Tribe

Join our vibrant, diverse and empowering tribe of sacred feminine women!

Melbourne Tribe

Call it a clan,
Call it a network,
Call it a tribe,
Call it a family.
Whatever you name it,
Whoever you are,
You need one.