Spiritual Business Mastermind

Lets support each other to Start or Grow our Businesses.


Spiritual Business Mastermind

I love the concept of women helping women. Together we can do great things, yet we often go alone on this journey.
What do I mean by that, most people often like to do things alone because that way then, they cannot be seen to have failed, or to have got it wrong and for the most part they like to have complete control. I get it! I was this exact business owner.. Until I began to look at it with a different perspective.
I know that there are many moving parts in our business and sometimes we don't always know how they work and therefore need guidance on what that could look like for us.

SO, If you have or currently feel like that woman, uncertain, not quite sure, feeling a little overwhelmed (or ALOT) and getting frustrated and feeling a little deflated, this tribe is the right place for you.
We hold no judgement inside this tribe, we understand that we all need help at some point, but it is up to you to put your hand up and ask.

We will talk things such as Business (Ideas, Foundations, Tools, Tips, Clients, Marketing, Sales, Energy, Strategies and the list can go on), a bit of Spirituality/WOO, give you an opportunity to help others with your wisdom and we will also have a guest speakers to help us all together WHY? Because we are WOMEN HELPING WOMEN!
Inside the Spiritual Business Mastermind we come together and collaborate, encourage, motivate and inspire each other to take action. We offer support, guidance as well as a fresh perspective.
Most importantly, we hold each other accountable in implementing the action steps that lead to accomplishing our goals.

If your business is a priority to you and that big vision of yours is still feeling as if it's still a pipeline dream come and join the conversation.

You never know what will unfold for you or who you might meet.
Your next client or Biz Bestie

Allison Cotton