Pagan Passions

The spiritual journey of pagans is one of life-long passionate learning.
Join with an open mind, heart and spirit with a loving Tribe.


Pagan Passions

Pagans, of all walks of life, is a broad term and all are welcome.
No matter where you are on your path, if your journey has just begun, if you are lost in the woods or if you are a seasoned practitioner, there is much to be learnt and taught within a Pagan Tribe.
The term Pagan has many contexts and many sub-branches and whether you be a Christian Witch, Wiccan, Druid, Solitary Witch or any other form of Pagan, we are here to welcome and embrace you within this community.
Spirit is a life-long passion, to connect to the earth, goddess’, gods, fae and all manner of deities may sit at the heart of your practice.
The earth, its elements and healing may be prised along this path for you. No matter where your passion lies there are others who hold similar interests and joys to your own.
There is light and dark in all, in many parts of paganism there is no “right or wrong” only intention. While all are welcome and we shall be open to such discussions, please know that very dark or damaging to another practices and magick may trigger some and may need to be discussed in a private manner. And this tribe is an open, loving, embracing gathering of all things pagan.
Join us to discuss different elements of the pagan world, learn specific topics and be encouraged on your journey.

Connie Wood