ONGO - Non Violent Communication Practises

ONGO is short for ongoing practise of Non violent communication. Taking back your power to create your world into a better communicative experience.


ONGO - Non Violent Communication Practises

ONGO or Ongoing Practices of Non- Violent Communication changes your world.

Do you find yourself unhappy, screaming at yourself or others, confused, anxious, depressed or struggling to communicate in the way you would like?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then please come along and have a look at how Non-Violent Communication can help you.
If you could change your world at home and at work and in your social communication, by simply following a few simple steps.
Would you choose that?
Would you be willing to change the world as you are experiencing it by sharing your story without judgement and opinions.
Would you be willing to share your feelings, your needs and make a request without attachment to outcome.
Would you be willing to meet your own needs according to the response from other.

Tracey Steddy